Meet the developer.

Crescent Communities, LLC, is a real estate development company based in Charlotte, NC, with a long history of high-quality investment and development. Established in 1969, the company has assets with a market value approaching $1 billion.

Building on this rich, 40-year history, Crescent’s leadership team is experienced in every aspect of the real estate business from single-family to multifamily, and commercial to land management in the southeastern United States. A firm financial position, extensive land holdings, and access to capital make Crescent Communities nimble and focused on developing the places the market wants and needs.

Our development philosophy emphasizes enduring value and a focus on the future. Long-term success and sustainability are the foundation for each project and guide the development process. We develop from a true triple-bottom line perspective, ensuring Crescent Communities’ developments endure long after they are complete. A commitment to build to environmental levels that are sustainable and meaningful now, and into the future, make each development a valuable part of the community fabric.